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Yale Strom's Broken Consort "Shimmering Lights - Hanukkah Music"

I'll sing songs about today's battle so the whole world will resound with the music, Berta Flaksman wrote in a martial song in 1943 to encourage members of the Red Army to fight against the German Wehrmacht. At the end of the World War, ethno-musicologist Moisei Beregovsky had discovered a collection of songs written by Jewish refugees, Russian soldiers and survivors of the Ukrainian ghettos. Historiography from below: elegies about violence and destruction, cries of hope and revenge, calls for resistance against fascism. For a change, the Jewish people are shown not only as lambs led to the slaughter, but also as courageous and even brutal combatants. In this respect, Tarantino's Nazi hunting flick "Inglourious Basterds" has not just been a revenge fantasy projected back into the past, as Berta Flaksman knows of her hero Yoshke from Odessa: For three full days he hailed them down, firing one after the other ... Showing no mercy, he sorted things out with the fascists, gave Hitler a strong lesson to remember him by... In the course of the Stalinist purges the scientists disappeared in the Gulag and the songs in the archives, where they - mostly only text without melody - resurfaced not until the 1990s. Now, Canada-based professor Anna Shternshis, Russian songwriter and chanson singer Psoy Korolenko, and Loyko violinist Sergey Erdenko[42] have brought some of them back to life. It satisfies immensely that Hitler and Stalin were ultimately unable to silence these voices. In addition to the emotionally overwhelming music, the complete package includes a comprehensive booklet with all lyrics, English and Russian translations as well as background information.