Press Clipping

I want to quickly mention a new album I haven't mentioned because there's no audio that I can embed. You can probably stream on Spotify or Deezer, neither of which my computer wants anything to do with. The album is "Shimmering Lights" by Yale Strom's Broken Consort. We like different at Stubby's at "Shimmering Lights" is nothing if not different. Based on this album, I'd call Yale Strom a Jazz artist. But what I know about him is that he's a student of Klezmer. "Student" doesn't really do it justice. Strom has sought out Klezmer sounds and variations throughout the world, to preserve, to perform, to appreciate and spread the appreciation. He may be the world's foremost expert on the subject. The music on "Shimmering Lights" is a mix of Klezmer, Jazz, Middle Eastern, Bluegrass, Classical, Folk, and a bunch of stuff I'd never be able to identify, I'm sure. Which makes it fascinating to me. If you're a serious Hanukkah hound, you'll want to add "Shimmering Lights" to your collection, even though it may not be all that mixtape friendly (for one thing, the tracks tend to be very long). I do think the original "The Fool Over Yonder" could find a home, somewhere. "Shimmering Lights" is available from Amazon or from the artist.